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Waldom Academy

Colleagues Working Together

What is the Waldom Academy?

The Waldom Academy was established to create a pipeline of young talents, help them gain a range of skillsets and retain top talent to hire full-time in Waldom Electronics EMEA.

What is the goal of the Waldom Academy?

The goal of the Waldom Academy is to facilitate professional and personal growth of students and recent graduates by enabling them to apply their theoretical learnings into a practical setting.


The Waldom Academy enables students to support Waldom by completing specific day-to-day tasks and projects, where the students get to develop their hard and soft skills. Furthermore, Waldom Academy’s goal is to develop and train students and recent graduates and potentially hire them to be a part of Waldom Family.

​Our Benefits:

  • Gain exposure with Waldom’s business, practices, leadership and training

  • Regular supervision and mentoring

  • Guidance from subject matter experts

  • Work on projects that complement academic programs and/or career interests

  • Career exploration

  • Establish a professional network

  • Practice professionalism

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What will you learn?

As well as on-the-job learning, an internship can provide unique opportunities for learning outside of academic settings. It can expose students and recent graduates to new tasks and help you learn goal-specific skills to complete those tasks. 

Hard Skills

Hard skills are the technical skills that the intern must acquire to carry out their responsibilities and job duties.  



  • Learning or refreshing the memory regarding how to use a platform such as HubSpot, CTEC, Excel, or relevant platforms.  

  • How to use the scheduling assistant on Outlook 

  • How to schedule meetings on different platforms  

Soft Skills

Soft skills are all about your ability to relate to people and build mutually beneficial relationships. 



  • Interpersonal Skills 

  • Listening skills 

  • Communication Skills  

Professional Networking

Involves building relationships between the intern and their manager, colleagues, and (if applicable) customers and clients.


The intern will need the backing and support of people in places to build a successful career. 

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Recruitment Process



The first step towards your job at Waldom Electronics is an online application.  One of our People Team members will assess your CV and motivation and will contact you to invite you for an online predictive assessment. 


Intake Period

We have a two-week intake period for our internships. So, if you haven’t heard from us for a while, don’t worry – we are reviewing your application and will get in contact with you soon!


1st Interview

The first round of interview is with our People Team. The goal of the interview is to get to know you better, determine your fit and give you a better insight into life as a Waldomer! 

Department's Overview


People Team

 Plays a key role in an employee’s lifecycle, from recruitment to offboarding. Moreover, plays an important role in the learning and development of the employees.

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Sales Team

Maintains a cadence with regional distributors, executes Waldom Sales Programs, and plays an important role in customer acquisition and revenue growth goals. 

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Strategic Partnerships Team

Drives new programs as well as protects and strengthens existing relationships with Waldom’s strategic partners.

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Marketing Team

Creates and brands Waldom programs as well as plays a key role in employer branding.


BI, Data, & Pricing Team

Analyzes large data sets through multiple BI tools to extrapolate the required insights to drive new business opportunities with our strategic partners. The Pricing Team plays an important role in maintaining and updating the price catalogs with Waldom’s pricing for its suppliers.


Supply Chain Team

Ensures that the physical aspect of the business that is actual order fulfillment, goods transportations, warehouse operations and compliance of quality standards are accomplished to deliver a world-class customer service.

Intern Testimonials

Still not convinced Waldom is right for you? Check out some of our previous interns testimonials! 


Robert Pavaloaia


I’m Robert and I work as a Product Owner at Waldom. I joined Waldom Academy for the opportunity to work with extremely smart people and provide a meaningful contribution to the team’s work.


I can say I have not been disappointed. What makes Waldom unique is the level of talent combined with a willingness to share each other’s expertise and learn from one another. Guided by committed mentors, I had the freedom to explore what I really like to do, finding the perfect role combining my academic knowledge with the skills required to perform the job. 

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